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Bamboo modal

Introducing our exquisite collection of bamboo modal hijabs, designed to offer both style and comfort for the modern Muslim woman. Made from a blend of bamboo and modal fibers, our hijabs are incredibly soft, lightweight, and breathable, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable wearing experience. The natural properties of bamboo and modal fibers make these hijabs moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, our bamboo modal hijabs effortlessly elevate any outfit, allowing you to express your individuality while maintaining modesty. Discover the perfect blend of elegance and practicality with our bamboo modal hijabs and experience the ultimate comfort and style.

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Bamboo Modal - Black - NasibaBamboo Modal - Black - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Black Sale price$24.99
// outBamboo Modal - Shale - NasibaBamboo Modal - Shale - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Shale Sale price$24.99
Sold outBamboo Modal - Magical Forest - NasibaBamboo Modal - Magical Forest - Nasiba
Sold outBamboo Modal - Raw Umber - NasibaBamboo Modal - Raw Umber - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Raw Umber Sale price$24.99
Sold outBamboo Modal - Moss Gray - NasibaBamboo Modal - Moss Gray - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Moss Gray Sale price$24.99
Sold outBamboo Modal - Flint - NasibaBamboo Modal - Flint - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Flint Sale price$24.99
Bamboo Modal - Gull Gray - NasibaBamboo Modal - Gull Gray - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Gull Gray Sale price$24.99
Sold outBamboo Modal - Seagrass - NasibaBamboo Modal - Seagrass - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Seagrass Sale price$24.99
Bamboo Modal - Dusty BlueBamboo Modal - Dusty Blue
Bamboo Modal - Dusty Blue Sale price$24.99
Sold outBamboo Modal - Otter - NasibaBamboo Modal - Otter - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Otter Sale price$24.99
Bamboo Modal - Elderberry - NasibaBamboo Modal - Elderberry - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Elderberry Sale price$24.99
Bamboo Modal - Nostalgia Rose - NasibaBamboo Modal - Nostalgia Rose - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Sesame - NasibaBamboo Modal - Sesame - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Sesame Sale price$24.99
Bamboo Modal - Rose Dust - NasibaBamboo Modal - Rose Dust - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Rose Dust Sale price$24.99
Bamboo Modal - White - NasibaBamboo Modal - White - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - White Sale price$24.99
Bamboo Modal - Cowhide - NasibaBamboo Modal - Cowhide - Nasiba
Bamboo Modal - Cowhide Sale price$24.99