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Discover our stylish collection of bottoms, designed to elevate your wardrobe with comfort and flair. From comfortable everyday leggings to trendy and versatile skirts, our bottoms are crafted with attention to detail and quality materials. Whether you're looking for a professional look for the office or a casual ensemble for a night out, our bottoms offer endless possibilities to express your unique style. Explore our range of sizes, colors, and patterns to find the perfect fit that will make you feel confident and effortlessly chic.

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Ribbed Skirt - Black - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Black Sale price$39.99
Legging - White - Nasiba
Legging - White Sale price$19.99
Save $20.00Diana rib wide-leg pants - Nasiba
Diana rib wide-leg pants Sale price$29.99 Regular price$49.99
Save $20.00Diana rib cardigan - Nasiba
Diana rib cardigan Sale price$29.99 Regular price$49.99
Save $50.00Laila Tiered Skirt - Nasiba
Laila Tiered Skirt Sale price$24.99 Regular price$74.99
Legging - Black - Nasiba
Legging - Black Sale price$19.99
Save $45.00Satin Belted Midi Shirt - Sage - NasibaSatin Belted Midi Shirt - Sage - Nasiba
Satin Belted Midi Shirt - Sage Sale price$44.99 Regular price$89.99
Save $40.00Satin Wide Leg Pants - Sage - NasibaSatin Wide Leg Pants - Sage - Nasiba
Satin Wide Leg Pants - Sage Sale price$44.99 Regular price$84.99
Save $100.00Jameela Abayah Set - Black - Nasiba
Jameela Abayah Set - Black Sale price$99.99 Regular price$199.99
Save $35.00Wintertide wide leg pants - Black
Wintertide wide leg pants - Black Sale price$34.99 Regular price$69.99
Save $35.00Wintertide wide leg pants - Chocolate
Wintertide wide leg pants - Chocolate Sale price$34.99 Regular price$69.99
Save $65.00Maya Pleated Skirt - Black - Nasiba
Maya Pleated Skirt - Black Sale price$34.99 Regular price$99.99
Maya Pleated Skirt - Nutmeg - Nasiba
Save $35.00Wintertide wide leg pants - Rose beige
Wintertide wide leg pants - Rose beige Sale price$34.99 Regular price$69.99
Balmy wide leg pants - Black - Nasiba
Save $100.00Jameela Abayah Set - Cream Blush - Nasiba
Jameela Abayah Set - Cream Blush Sale price$99.99 Regular price$199.99
Sold outRibbed Skirt - Charcoal - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Charcoal Sale price$39.99
Sold outRibbed skirt - Beige - Nasiba
Ribbed skirt - Beige Sale price$39.99
Balmy wide leg pants - White - Nasiba
Save $40.00Balmy wide leg pants - Sand - Nasiba
Balmy wide leg pants - Sand Sale price$34.99 Regular price$74.99
Sold outGirls Wide Leg Pants - Blush Pink - Nasiba
Save $35.00Wintertide wide leg pants - Camel
Wintertide wide leg pants - Camel Sale price$34.99 Regular price$69.99
Jersey Skirt - Olive - Nasiba
Jersey Skirt - Olive Sale price$34.99
Ribbed Skirt - Burgundy - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Burgundy Sale price$39.99
Sold outWide leg pants - Black
Wide leg pants - Black Sale price$54.99
Sold outGirls Wide Leg Pants - Black - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Navy - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Navy Sale price$39.99
Ribbed Skirt - Khaki - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Khaki Sale price$39.99
Jersey Skirt - White - Nasiba
Jersey Skirt - White Sale price$34.99
Sold outGirls Wide Leg Pants - Nude - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Rust - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Rust Sale price$39.99
Ribbed skirt - Chocolate - Nasiba
Ribbed skirt - Chocolate Sale price$39.99
Ribbed Skirt - Cream - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Cream Sale price$39.99
Sold outRibbed Aline Skirt - Emerald - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Light Blue - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Light Blue Sale price$39.99
Ribbed Skirt - Light Grey - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Light Grey Sale price$39.99
Sold outPaisley Ruffled Skirt - Nasiba
Paisley Ruffled Skirt Sale price$55.99
Ribbed Skirt - Ivory - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Ivory Sale price$39.99
Ribbed Skirt - Lilac - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Lilac Sale price$39.99
Ribbed Skirt - Light Lilac - Nasiba
Jersey Skirt - Salmon - Nasiba
Jersey Skirt - Salmon Sale price$34.99
Sold outJersey Skirt - Black - Nasiba
Jersey Skirt - Black Sale price$34.99
Tassel Cardigan - Black - Nasiba
Tassel Cardigan - Black Sale price$74.99
Ribbed Skirt - Indigo - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Indigo Sale price$39.99
Sold outRibbed Skirt - Taupe - Nasiba
Ribbed Skirt - Taupe Sale price$39.99